Is Jodi Arias Guilty of Premeditated Murder?

After initially denying any involvement in Travis Alexander's murder, Jodi Arias now maintains that she was forced to defend herself against an attack by Travis Alexander.

But if this is true, why doesn't the physical evidence support Jodi Arias' story?  The physical evidence in the Jodi Arias trial is likely to warrant a guilty verdict of premeditated murder. 

  •  Where did Jodi Arias get the knife? She mentioned a sex game that involved a rope and knife. According to Arias, Travis Alexander used the knife to cut a rope that restrained her to the bed. The prosecutor pointed out that no rope was photographed or recovered from the crime scene. Arias told the defense attorney she threw the rope in a dumpster behind a gas station "somewhere after St. George. I don't remember." Again, she demonstrates that she never recalls the incriminating details and/or lies. If the prosecution can convince the jury the rope never existed, this may convince the jury that Arias brought a knife to Alexander's home with the intention of murdering him.

  • With all the blood on the floor, the bullet casing did not have any blood on top of it. This shows that Travis was not shot first, as Jodi Arias claims, but rather that he was shot after being stabbed 28 times. The medical examiner's autopsy report concludes Travis Alexander's cause of death was a "sharp force trauma of neck and torso." According to the medical examiner, the gunshot did not kill Travis Alexander. The bullet, which entered his forehead and landed in his jawline, would've incapacitated Travis Alexander and prevented him from attacking Jodi Arias. He would not have been a threat to her.

  • Jodi Arias claims she retrieved the gun from the closet. She said she intended to scare Travis with the gun, but previously stated that both her and Travis Alexander knew the gun was unloaded. The prosecutor argued that Arias' story was bogus. He asked, "What were you going to do with an unloaded gun? Throw it at him?" Additional problems with Arias' story include a closet with extremely thin shelves supported by atop pegs--these shelves would not support Arias' weight, had she climbed them to retrieve a gun. The closet was completely in order. It wasn't in any state of disarray.

  • The time-stamped photos tell the whole story. Sixty three seconds after Arias took a photo of a live Travis Alexander, she inadvertently took a photo of him with a slashed throat. The prosecutor argued that Arias only had 62 seconds to:
  1. - Get slammed down, face up, on a tile floor
  2. - Somehow recover and slip past an allegedly enraged Travis Alexander
  3. - Go into the closet, climb up shelves and retrieve a gun
  4. - And shoot Travis Alexander
The prosecutor also asked Arias if she had the knife with her when she shot Alexander, because otherwise -- according to the timestamp on the photos -- Arias would also have to find the knife (used during their supposed sex game) within 62 seconds. Arias said she did not have the knife with her at the time she shot Alexander.